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Confessions of a Jackaholic

Page history last edited by Shylaah 12 years, 7 months ago




I love everything Captain Jack Sparrow, his effects and his affects........

I do not love everything POTC, nor everything Johnny Depp--Just Jack!


I wish I had not fallen in love with Jack and all his stuff.  Dateline Feburary 27, 2008.  I was out in the garage, had the door up cause it was  a  nice day and I was moving around some boxes when a friend came ambling up the driveway and said, "Do you think you could make  a  costume for me"?  Ten little words that have made  a  gargantuan impact on my life!  If someone had told me then that I would succumb to OCD and surrender nearly every waking moment to the relentless pursuit of things Captain Jack Sparrow, I'd have laughed them off the planet. But here I am.....


I think it all started with the first Jack thing I ever actually owned--a Mad Eye Moony Tricorn.  It is so esquisite, so beautifully made, so Jack and it quickly became an item I very much adored.  And when I was working on the coats and had to be me own model at times when no one was around to help me, it was a little trippy--it's like you get the coat on and Jack just kinda comes out!?  It's real weird, and I'm female and not a costumer myself and not an impersonator, but that don't stop the essences of Jack being there!!


I don't have all that Jack stuff....

I don't dress up as Jack.....

I don't impersonate Jack.....


I made the vest, shirt and two frocks for

others, but I don't want them for myself,

I just like the little things really,


The palm glove and wristwrap and Christmas ornament and compass I made.

The MR rings & PO8 and bandana and kuchi strand and Davey Jones key and Aztec coin

The Skinny Dog Dragon Ring and Skull Ring

     and Sparrow tattoo stamp I bought.

The tricorn and baldric I got in trades. 

The sash that Grace wove for me.

The Letter of Marque I need to finish.

And some POTC stuff I buy when and where I find it,

    books, stickers, markers, doodads of any and all kinds.....

I have the toy sword needs the repaint and the Zizzle toy pistol that needs a mod/repaint

as well.....

Moved up from the wish list....

The Jack Medicom 12" doll with fabric clothes


Things on my wish list,

the Jack doll by Tonner

The Jack sculpt by Kojun

the Sparrow flintlock like the one Mr.Smith had made cause it is BEAUTIFUL

stuff for my charm bracelet



And I guess not everything CJS, there are a few things that do not interest me,

The breeches, the wig, the boots, the facial hair, the syphilis scar, the gold teeth, either of the waist belts, the mum's head--in fact I specifically HATE that shrunken head and the pelts and chicken foot and snake vertebra all that gross stuff........the fertility charm--cause Jack wouldn't even need that.....

and I guess that's about everything.............


This is my 'secret addiction'.  My friends and family don't really know about it.  Well, they know I made the frock coats and that I was kinda into the movies for a while, but I gradually quit talking about it with them cause they didn't understand and were beginning to think me peculiar!


Going in May 2010 to Orlando, stopping in Tampa to see the real deal frock coat on display .

I don't know if my feet will carry me forward into its presences!?!?!

I know I'll be dumbstruck, awestruck, just struck!!  Can't wait!!!!

!!!BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!   Yep!!  It was ALL OF THE ABOVE and then some!

Film at eleven....no, really, but story here: Captain Jack--Journey's End   


Well, Journey's End ended when On Stranger Tides went into production!!

With the coming out of OST, my list of haves and wants has grown!  A friend of mine shared the script with me long before the movie came out and I fell in love with it!  I read it with great relish and loved every moment of it even before it was all on flim and released.  I'm pretty sure that OST is my fav of the four Pirates of the Caribbean moives so far.  I really love CotBP, too.  But it's been a long while since that movie was made and I didn't see it until years after it was released.  Being in on OST since it was first announced it was being made, makes for a whole different kind of experience.


I think Barbossa rather upstaged Jackie boy in this one!  I loved his part in the search for the Fountain of Youth.  One of my favorite scenes from the first reading of the script was when Barbossa was collecting frogs in the jungle.  I just had to a make a Barbossa's Jar of Frog!


Finished my Captain Jack Sparrow voodoo doll.  At first, I was reluctant to call it a voodoo doll because voodoo  is actually a religion and I didn't want to offend anyone.  But that is what the folks who work for Disney are calling it, and it really doesn't make any sense to call it otherwise.  So the Captain Jack Sparrow voodoo doll it is, and no offense intended to anyone's faith or belief system. 







shylaah AT who DOT net




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