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Written exclusively for Confessions of a Jackaholic.  Do not copy and paste elsewhere.


The Sash............


I had this sash woven for me and I love it.  It's not 100% SA, but it's

more than plenty close enough to go in my collection.  It is beatuifully

handwoven and wonderfully soft.  You just can't get that from a machine!!


I have too much going on right now to devote any more time to this project.

But if any of you want to continue to work with the weaver in an effort

toward more SA perfection, feel free to do so.  She is a very nice person

and will do what she can to accommodate your requests.


To contact the weaver, email gracetonseth AT gmail DOT com

Put Shylaah Sash in the subject line so she will know who you are and what

you are emailing about.


Right click on image, then view to see close up.




I've not weathered my sash and I'm not going to either. I collect Jack stuff. I don't

Jack up, so I don't need my things all dirtied up to look SA in cosplay.

I think of my collection of things as they would have been when Jack acquired

them, bought them, stole them, found them, whichever.......do not necessarily

have to be all dirty and worn from use.


There have been some asking about the "fringe" ends..............

Although it looks like fringe, or looks like fray at the ends, it is

neither really. The sash is handwoven and that is the warp threads

where the piece was cut from the loom. If you were making, say, a

tea towel out of this, those ends would be trimmed and hemmed.

If you were using this for your Jack sash, the ends would be hacked

and mutilated, thusly--





This sash is available in either cotton or linen.

The cotton sash is actually woven with 30% linen.

The linen sash will be 100% linen.


The pictures are of the sash woven in 70%cotton/30%linen. 

The sash is untouched just as it came came to me.  I have not

washed or weathered it. It was washed when it came off the loom

to relax the stiffness in the fibers caused from being under so much

tension on the loom.


The sash woven in linen will look almost the exact same.  The

linen thread is sized  differently,so that will make a little difference,

but not much. The linenwill wrinkle easier than the cotton.


Turnaround time for completion of a sash is two to three

weeks, depending on if materials need to be ordered and

what other projects are underway or pending.


This sash is 12 inches wide.  Recent and current acceptable

length for Jack's sash has been about 15 feet.  So 12X180

inches is the size I had woven for me.  At this length, the cost

is $120.00 for the cotton, and $195.00 for the linen.


However, this sash is priced by the running foot,so if you want

a longer or shorter sash, you can figure out the price.

It will be $8.00 per running foot for the cotton, and

$13.00 per running foot for the linen.


The price does not include shipping.  Standard shipping

will be $5.00 domestic, approximately $14.00 international.

If you'd like additional services such as insurance, Delivery

Confirmation, or faster shipping, you may request those at

additional cost.


Payment options currently accepted are checks and

money orders, with half the payment due before weaving

begins on your sash, and the remainder due when it is

ready to ship.  You may send the whole amount due at

the beginning if you don't want to send two separate

payments and endure the wait time.

















3374230 20








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