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Jack of Arts

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Written exclusively for Confessions of a Jackaholic.  Please do not copy and paste elsewhere.


Who doesn't love Captain Jack Sparrow??  Beyond the man, beyond the costume, beyond the movies--a look at Jack of Arts stealing hearts!


This has got to be one of the cutest CJS things ever. 

Capn' Jack Sparrow pony by *Woosie

Artist says the compass measures 1/2" square.  How neat is that!  Astounding attention to details in the beads, sash and other accessories. Very well done Woosie!!


No less cute and equally as astounding is this My Little Pony by Mari Kasurinen.  

My Little Pony with a â€˜Tude

If you love her MLP Jack, you'll no doubt enjoy her many other MLP iconic movie charactersMany can be seen  here and even more on flickr.


Jack the Lion King?  Why not?  By artist Emo Hellion 

Has Jack been turned into the lion-hearted king or has Simba donned dreads, a bandanna and beads to become a pirate?

Either way you want to look at it, it's a great graphic!






















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