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Other Sash Fabrics

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Written exclusively for Confessions of a Jackaholic.  Do not copy and paste elsewhere.


OTHER Possible sash fabrics.


Came across this fabric on a shopping exhibitions.

It is from www.leeindustires.com

The color is called Toggle Red


The stripe pattern is 7/8th inches wide, the white space is 3/4

inches wide.  Rough estimate, that would give you about 10 red stripe patterns per a 12 inch wide

sash. (Most agree the sash should be about 15 ft--180 inches long and 12 inches wide)



The above POSSIBLE fabric is just that, a possible fabric that could be used.  It was $50 a yard, so you're

talking about $75 for a 12"X180" ......If you can even buy this in a partial yard.....if not then over $100 dollars

to get two yards then you would have to seam it in three places......Otherwise, you could get five yards, make

three sashes, sell two for as much as you could get to off set the cost of your own...???

Just kicking around some ideas as the Ikea curtain is no longer available and it was so not like Jack's anyway

I just don't understand how it got so popular, except it was cheap, but so is regular old ticking, which IMO looks

better than the Ikea curtain ???


Another possible in a pinch fabric.....





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