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Barbossa's Jar of Frog

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Written exclusively for Confessions of a Jackaholic.  Please do not copy and paste else where.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Barbossa's Jar of Frog



It seems that Jack Sparrow's nemesis, Hector Barbossa has given up piracy and joined the Royal Navy,  taking on the appearance of respectability and purporting to be a reformed man having accepted a nice retirement package from the Crown. But his true motives soon become clear. He has taken on this expedition to the Fountain of Youth to exact revenge on Blackbeard for overtaking the Black Pearl and costing him a leg.


He is collecting poison dart frogs in the jungle and plans to edge his sword with their "innards" to more insure the death of his enemy when they at last cross swords!

He plucked "this frog" from forcibly enlisted crew member, Joshamee Gibbs, who gives him a disparaging look for doing so.


"What? What be wrong with an older man havin' a hobby?" Barbossa asks Gibbs  The poisoned sword plays a major role in the climax of the movie.


My replica of the frog, jar and tongs.















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