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Captain Jack Sparrow voodoo doll POTC4

Page history last edited by Shylaah 10 years, 11 months ago

Written exclusively for Confessions of a Jackaholic.  Please do not copy and paste elsewhere.

This page also available in forum format at From Screens to Reality


Finally finished my Captain Jack Sparrow voodoo doll from Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides.


I had a difficult time with the head and face, but after more than a half dozen attempts at it in a variety of mediums,

I finally achieved what was my only goal--to have a head and face that I was not totally ashamed of.



This is one of those projects that, for me, the whole isn't greater than the sum of the parts. It is quite the opposite, I like

all the parts individually more than I like the whole doll.  I'm especially fond of the little belt and baldric with its tiny

frog!  And the little shirt, it is made historically accurate, even though all you can see in the finished doll is the collar

and a bit of the cuffs.


I didn't have and still have not found the right kind of fabric for the frock coat and waistcoat, so I may re-make

Little Jack one of these days, but for right now, I'm finished with him!


Little Belt and Baldric


Little Clothes


Little Frock coat and Waistcoat


Little Boots


Finished Dolly - I did weather him, really I did, but still he is a bit bright and newish looking.

But I think I will just let him age naturally.







And here are a few WIP pics just for kicks!











There are several Screen Used dolls and some dolls that have been in exhibits that I'm not sure were ever

Screen Used or not.  Pity I could not get the face I made to match any of them! 



The above face labeled "Mine" is #6 in the pic below.  He is such a baby face.  I carved him down and

re-painted the eyes into the final face I used on the finished doll.


In the beginning I was not too fond of the O mouth, but on receiving the screen grabs, I find out that all

the SU dolls have the O mouth.  So, I don't know what's with the doll in the El Capitan exhibit and later

also displayed in an exhibit at Disney's D23 event not having the O mouth.  I finally changed my mind and

conceded that the O mouth looks better after all.


Here are a few of my failures!


Re-working the last failure, slimming up little Baby Face.



Head finished with much help from Kitty Man


My failed balsa head carve.

































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