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Palm Glove

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The palm glove is rather easy to make, and easy to custom fit to your own hand. I haven't studied the palm glove in great detail, so I don't know a lot about what is SA per the outside shape and what kind of leather or color.  This is mainly a pattern how-to on custom fitting it to your hand.  You get to decide on the kind of leather, the color, the shape, the strap and all that.

My method:  Draw around the hand with fingers spread. Then draw little parts of a circle at the base of the middle and ring finger and at the thumb connection. Make the curved marks at the fingers into circles, the thumb one into an oval. Roughly draw around the shape of the outside edge.  I drew mine kinda skinny and snug in to fit close, but I've seen them made much wider---your choice. 

Trace this now pattern onto a piece of scrap fabric. Cut it out and try it on for size and fit.  Adjust as necessary, or start over with a fresh drawing to make any needed alterations. When you have a fabric one that fits like you want, transfer it to a piece of leather and cut out.  Stitch around the finger holes with some heavy duty thread or thin twine/hemp.  You'll need a strap to sew on the bottom of the palm glove to tie it around the wrist.  Use your own judgment for how wide and how long you want to make it. 
Some places to find some cheap leather is to look for an old purse, leather vest or jacket at a thrift shop or garage sale. Make sure it has a spot on it that's big enough for your pattern--take your hand with you when shopping :)  Of course, nothing wrong with using new leather, but an old used item has the advantage of the leather already being somewhat worn and broken in. I used an old purse which had another advantage, a strap I could make use of.  It was long, double thickness and stitched. I took out the stitching and pulled it apart and cut off the stitching holes to use it as the strap for the palm glove.  And as an aside, the little strip that resulted from cutting off the stitching holes was used to lace up the back of the waistcoat.
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