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Baldric Vinyl

Page history last edited by Shylaah 13 years, 2 months ago

January 10, 2010

This version exclusively for Confessions of a Jackaholic.  Do not copy and paste elsewhere.


I discovered the embossed baldric pattern on of all places a purse by Relic (a division of Fossil). 


I figured the material might be available somewhere and I started looking for the yard goods of the vinyl with the embossed pattern.  Turns out it is available at quite a few places--the easiest of all JoAnn Fabrics!  More info on sources below.


Here's a pic of that paisley pattern pressed on plastic like from the Relic purses that is like the pattern on Jack's baldric.



If anyone were want to make themself a reasonable facsimile of Jack's baldric, with this stuff, and bind it with real leather, I think it would look rather splendid..


I'm thinking you might could just lay this stuff down on an already made baldric, slip the edges of it up under the binding??.Save yourself a LOT of work.


How much material will I need? 

That depends.  If you want the pattern to present roughly how it runs across Jack's baldric (even though it will be miror image) then you should get at least 1 1/2 yard because that belt part that comes up the back and over the shoulder is pretty long, average about 42-44 inches, and 40 inches is about all the length you can get from one yard on that 20 degree run. And then you have the luck of the draw as to where the pattern was cut off the bolt.  If you do not care how the pattern presents on your baldric, then one yard should make two or three baldric belts and frogs as the material is 54" wide which more than enough for the long end of the belt cutting it straight across.


I bought a quarter yard of this stuff just to study it some more, and discovered the pattern on this vinyl is a mirror image from what is on Jack's baldric.  Still--I did use the words "reasonable facsimile" above!!, and I still think it would be--after faux finishing and weathering it up a bit--a better look than just smooth leather.


The stuff is backed with a yellow felt like something giving it some thickness and heft.  I tried to show the thickness in an edge shot took with a penny and a nickel for comparison. It's a little blurry, but hope you can tell a little about how thick it is by that.  Measured the thickeness with my little bead caliper, and it's just a hair or two shy of 1/16th inch thick.




Here is a quick experiment I did on a strip of the vinyl attempting a color match to Jack's baldric.  I deglossed it with acetone (aka fingernail polish remover).  Then painted it with one coat of Ceramcoat Burnt Sienna.  I rubbed some of the paint off with a dry paper towel after just a couple of minutes while the paint was still wet.  I let the paint dry on the rest of the strip then rubbed off some of the dry paint.  I had to use a damp cloth, the dry paper towel didn't do a thing on the dry paint. Obviously from the pictures the Burnt Sienna is too pink-ish.  Need a little more golden brown and spicy color, but def think this is will work and look very nice with the right colors.



Picked up a couple more bottles of paint to try on the baldric. Tried the Ceramcoat Golden Brown semi-opaque on the sample strip I already put the Burnt Sienna on. Tones it some but still too pink looking to the camera. Doesn't look that pink 'in person'. Also got the Ceramcaoat Antique Gold semi-opaque, will try it and some mixes in a bit, hopefully get that orange-y color figured out.



More color experimenting--still having those pinkish overtones??  This sample first coated with Golden Brown that I wiped off after just a couple of minutes.  Over painted that with a mixture of half&half Burnt Sienna and Brown Velvet.  Let it dry for a minute or so then wiped it off.   I used acetone to degloss the first two samples, but on this one I tried some very fine sandpaper and it worked really well.  Took off all the shine so I can add back just the amount of sheen I want once I get the color true........ 



This Relic purse color is quite near correct for the baldric!!



The width of this material is 54 inches.  The baldric pattern runs across it at about a 20 degree angle to the length of the material (see pics below).    


The color you want is a darkish brown called Abbey Mahogany. There are other colors of it that would do if they should be out of this color, because you're going to have to put some kind of faux finish on it anyway to simulate Jack's baldric.


This vinyl is now (as of April, 2010) available at several places online.  If you have a JoAnn's fabric store near you they have samples you can look at and you can order it there in their store, or you can order it from them online.

ABBEY MAHOGANY at Joanns Fabric Stores


A couple other places on the Internet have it.  It goes on sale now and then, and the sale price with the shipping works out to be about the same each place, like the one with the cheapest sale price, also has the highest shipping.....


This place has it....but they left off the style name Abbey and misspelled mahogany!!



This place has many colors of the Abbey style but not the mahogany, however, the Old Gold looks like it may be the mahogany mislabeled?! Or the sable color would do also.    INTERIORMALL.COM


This is the Abby Mahogany pattern and color. This IS the baldric pattern BUT it is in mirror image of how the pattern is on Jack's baldric. Here are some samples of how the baldric pattern runs across this vinyl. First the vinyl mirrored to match the baldric, so you can see it does match the pattern. And the second, the baldric mirrored to match the vinyl to see what your baldric would look like cut from the vinyl, and third, a bigger pic of the vinyl and the path the same baldric runs across it.  The baldric used for comparison is an image of the baldric on the AWE costume at the Prop Store in London.







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