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Baldric--Mapping the embossed leather pattern

Page history last edited by Shylaah 5 years ago



NOTE: June 23, 2017 Not been keeping up and had not noticed the pictures to this tutorial had been lost from imageshack account. All have been uploaded here to pbworks and page links restored.


A young man who goes by the name adenry in the Jack Sparrow/POTC costuming and props communities has spent COUNTLESS hours pouring over reference pictures of Jack's baldric belts and scans of the embossed paisley pattern of which the baldric is made in an effort to realize his own personal dream of having an EXACT and SCREEN ACCURATE.Captain Jack Sparrow baldric belt.  He has graciously agreed to share all this mind numbing research with the rest of us!!


With a tenaciousness that is to be applauded and stunning attention to details, he has mapped out exactly where on the embossed paisley pattern that each piece was cut, not just for one "general" reference baldric, but for the main hero baldrics in each of the movies, DMC, AWE and OST!


Need to Add here: Pics to Compare leather vs vinyl, scan of the leather.......some other notes....etc.......

There are two pictures of each pattern - one shows the references pictures used to determine the outlines, the other shows only the outlines.

Links are provided for larger images of each picture.

<<<<<<<<<<<  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jack's baldric is made out of leather with distinctive embossing.
Firstly here's the unique graphic of the embossed leather made out of mirrored (because the embossing on the vinyl is mirrored) scans of the vinyl provided by Shylaah (click on it for larger image):



larger image: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118776885/andrey%20baldric%20map%2001_s_pattern_contrast.png

That graphic repeats multiple times horizontally and vertically to form the seamless embossed leather.



larger image: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118776885/andrey%20baldric%20map%2001_s_pattern_contrast.png

The baldric is made out of four pieces:
1) long belt (the one with the rounded end and the holes);
2) short belt (the one that the buckle is attached to);
3) frog (where you put the sword/scabbard);
4) loop (holds the short belt and the long belt together).
All four pieces are made out of the embossed leather. Their edging is made out of regular leather.

Making lots of screenshots from the movies, collecting set photos and photos from costume exhibitions, and then comparing them, rotating them, resizing them and staring at them for lots of hours I was able to draw screen accurate patterns for the baldrics.
There were many baldrics used in the movies. I could distinguish three in DMC/AWE and four in OST (not counting Angelica's baldric). Johnny Depp wore all of them in different scenes. And there were probably even more for stuntmen and others.

The pattern of all the baldrics is more or less the same (though there are some small differences). But the placement of the pattern on the embossed leather was never the same, so this makes every baldric unique and easily distinguishable. So there is not just one SA baldric, there are three for DMC/AWE and four for OST.

Compared to the DMC/AWE baldrics, the OST baldric belts look just a bit wider, about 4 millimeters wider, no more. The rounded end of the OST long belts is a bit sharper than in DMC/AWE. The edging of the OST long belts is a bit wider, about 2 millimiters wider than in DMC/AWE. But the edging of the short belts of the OST baldrics is not as wide as the OST long belts edging, so it's the same as in DMC/AWE.

The most important thing is that the belts are curved which is only natural if you think about it. The other thing is that the belts were NOT seamless, at least the DMC/AWE belts. Both the short and the long belts were made out of two pieces of the embossed leather but that's very difficult to spot because of all the leather wrinkles. I'm not sure if that's the case for the OST belts, they might have been made in one piece.

Unfortunately I don't have enough photo references to make all the outlines 100% SA. So some of the DMC/AWE belts I outlined as one piece, but I'm sure they were made out of two. In the images below you will see where I had photo references and where I did not. If an entire piece is missing that means I have no references of that piece at all.
The only baldric that is 100% SA is the #1 baldric from DCM/AWE.


If you think you have some photos of the screen used baldrics that can help with the maps and you're willing to share them, please contact me ( captain.jack.sparrow at abv.bg )! Any help would be much appreciated!

DMC/AWE patterns

As the two movies were shot back to back they used the same baldrics in both. One of the three is used in most of the scenes, so I'd guess that's the "main" baldric, the one that goes with the #1 costume of Johnny Depp.

Here are the three DMC/AWE patterns:

Pattern #1, used in the following scenes (those are the ones I'm sure of):
* On the Black Pearl - Jack grabs it in his cabin and then wears it when he talks to Bootstrap
* In Tia Dalma's shack
* On the Black Pearl when he sends Will on the Flying Dutchman
* In Tortuga (tavern and dock)
* On the Black Pearl when Jack takes the letters of mark from Elizabeth
* On the Black Pearl when he drops the jar of dirt
* In the boat, trying to escape alone
* On the Black Pearl when he's alone with Elizabeth and until he's eaten
* All the scenes taking place in the locker.
* On the Black Pearl when they're rocking the ship
* On the Black Pearl when they're all pointing pistols at each other
* On the island with the Craken corpse (Black sand beach)
* On the Black Pearl when Sao Feng meets Jack
* In Beckett's cabin when Jack meets Beckett
* On the Black Pearl when Jack talks to Will and gives him the compass
* In Tortuga with Scarlett and Giselle when Jack wakes up sleeping Gibbs 




larger images: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118776900/andrey%20baldric%20map%2003_s_DMC-AWE_pattern_1_outline.jpg



Pattern #2, used in the following scenes (those are the ones I'm sure of):
* On the island where the Dead man's chest was buried (Isla Cruces) and in the boat prior to that and the fight around the boat afterwards
* In the boat on the river
* On the Black Pearl when Jack tells Gibbs the story about Larry
* On the Black Pearl when Jack and Elizabeth return after the big battle on the Dutchman




larger images: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118776924/andrey%20baldric%20map%2005_s_DMC-AWE_pattern_2_outline.jpg


Pattern #3, used in the following scenes (those are the ones I'm sure of):
* Parlay scene on that tiny island (the Sandbar)
* On the Flying Duchman when Jack steals the chest from Mullroy and Murtogg
* On the Black Pearl when Elizabeth is saying goodbye with everyone





larger images:http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118776963/andrey%20baldric%20map%2007_s_DMC-AWE_pattern_3_outline_a.jpg



OST patterns

I don't know which one is the "main" baldric in OST.

Here are the OST patterns:

Pattern #1, used in the following scenes (those are the ones I'm sure of):
* In London, talking with Gibbs in the carriage
* In the jungle when they reach the broken bridge
* In the jungle when Jack returns to Blackbeard and gives Gibbs the compass
* In the boat with Angelica
* On the island where Jack maroons Angelica (Sola Fide Beach)
* On the beach with Gibbs




larger images: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118776981/andrey%20baldric%20map%2009_s_OST_pattern_1_outline.jpg


Pattern #2, used in the following scenes (those are the ones I'm sure of):
* In London, in the palace
* In London, in some of the carriage chase scenes
* In London, fighting the imposter (Angelica)
* On Ponce de Leon's ship with Barbossa
* In the cave beneath the Fountain of Youth
* At the Fountain of Youth




larger images: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118777167/andrey%20baldric%20map%2011_s_OST_pattern_2_outline.jpg


Pattern #3, used in the following scenes (those are the ones I'm sure of):
* In the jungle, walking in the water talking with Angelica
* On the beach looking up at Ponce de Leon's ship
* In the jungle, talking with Gibbs about stirrings... or feelings




larger images: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118777194/andrey%20baldric%20map%2013_s_OST_pattern_3_outline.jpg


Pattern #4, used in the following scenes (those are the ones I'm sure of):
* In London when Jack gets his hat from the horse's head
* In London, in some of the carriage chase scenes
* In London, when Jack's hanging on the Captain's Daughter plate and when he meets his dad
* In London, when he meets the impostor (Angelica) for the first time
* When Blackbeard's crew arrives on Whitecap Bay
* When Blackbeard takes off the cloth from Jack's eyes.




larger images: http://jackaholic.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/118777221/andrey%20baldric%20map%2015_s_OST_pattern_4_outline.jpg











































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